“How in the fuck does anyone end up here?”

Coco Densmore
Nov 25, 2023
The Henry Clay, 3rd & Chestnut, Louisville KY

November 11, 2017


My young friend from the hospital is here. She’s manic. I wish I could help her. She’s me back then, at 19. Equally tormented of mind. Unimaginable pain. Unrelenting emptiness.

When I walked her out, I stood on the cold sidewalk in my bare feet and looked anew at my neighborhood.

“Louisville Fucking Kentucky,” I said out loud. “How in the fuck does anyone end up here?” Oddly, it feels like home.

I love you, Jeff. Thank you for being.




Coco Densmore

Coco Densmore writes about Embracing Her Single, being HSV-2+, living with bipolar mental illness, and overcoming childhood sexual abuse. www.cocodensmore.com.