I’m near to completing my first semester of seminary.

Coco Densmore
4 min readNov 22, 2023

TRIGGER WARNING: OK this one is all boring and all God Squad-ey, so those of you who are disgusted by that sort of thing, you have been forewarned. (Yes, David, that means you!)

November 22, 2023

Next week is the last week of classes. I’m near to completing my first semester of seminary.

How do I feel about that?

Wonderful. I feel wonderful. And so blessed to be in this program, and so excited about all the learning ahead. Excited. I love this, that I am doing this. It is indeed a miracle. If you only knew. It is a miracle.

I registered for next semester and got all the classes I wanted. The Letters of Paul, Postmodern Theology, and Reformed Theology. I’m even taking an intensive five-day all-day course in Process Theology, something I’m very intrigued by but don’t know a whole lot about yet. Well, I’m waitlisted, so we’ll see if I get in. I ordered books for all my classes, because I have the money to do that right now. They’ve been coming, one or two a day, and when I open the packages and hold them in my hands, I actually get butterflies. So much knowledge in there, so much goodness to absorb and make mine.

Ethics and the Black Church — Traditions and Culture were the two most challenging classes I’ve ever taken. I mean, working on my MBA, there was Accounting, and Econ, and Stats, which I didn’t think I’d make it through (but I did). But Ethics and the Black Church were a whole new, different kind of challenge. It was painful. That’s the best word to describe the experience: painful. The first week of the Black Church, I seriously considered dropping the class. But that would only postpone the inevitable. I knew it would grow me and stretch me to push in and push through. And it absolutely did. Both classes were on Tuesdays, and it took hours to wind down after. My stomach would be in knots. I tried to participate, but I was terrified I’d say something offensive. And I probably did. It got much better as the semester went on. I participated more; I said mostly the right things. I think I did, anyway. I was honest, and my heart showed. There’s this connection that builds, even in a Zoom class, we all get to know one another and then there’s trust. But there’s especially grace, we all gave one another…



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