When you expect to find the best in people, you will most often find it. But occasionally, you will be sorely disappointed.

Coco Densmore
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September 11, 2023

I was, for so long, for most of my life, so patient. If people crossed boundaries, I’d let them. Then in the last few years, I’d tell them. Then I’d give them another chance. And another, sometimes years and years of chances. And finally, I’d find some way to wriggle out of the relationship.

Well, I may have “wriggled” out the first few times, then I got stronger and more deliberate. Now I give a warning, and sometimes a second chance, sometimes another, and another warning and then I’m out. I’m not just talking about dating relationships; I’m talking about friendships as well. Casual connections, too.

I’ll not tolerate lying and I’ll not tolerate disrespect. I’ll not tolerate someone treating me poorly. I’ll not tolerate someone losing their patience with me, over and over. Sometimes, because everyone loses their patience sometimes, but not as a pattern. I don’t deserve that. I’ll not tolerate someone who doesn’t see the whole of me as a person of great value, as worthy.

I’ll not tolerate someone who denigrates my beliefs. I’m not so inflexible I won’t listen to another’s point of view, particularly of those with whom I have a trusting relationship. Presented with compelling evidence, I can and do change my mind. I have changed my mind about a lot of beliefs I held so dear for so long. If there’s evidence to the contrary, and a belief is not serving me well, I will let it go. I will adopt a new mindset.

Maybe this is anger. Maybe I’m doing this slash and burn of relationships and connections that just don’t work for me anymore because there was so much of my life where I compromised and settled for less than I deserved. Maybe this is all a backlash, and I’ll settle down in a bit, and go back to being the patient and gracious person I was before.

I’m more angry with myself than anyone else, for compromising and for letting abusive people into my circle. Certainly, I take responsibility for my piece in the failure of so many relationships. I don’t always choose well, and I can be too trusting. And yet, that’s an aspect of who I am I won’t let go. I do believe, firmly…

Coco Densmore

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